Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Thelma and Louise have nothing on us.....so we'll call this adventure

We were so sad that our other BFF, Terri, couldn't go with us on our Alpine road trip
So Terri.....we took pictures at every fun stop....just for you!

A trip to Alpine should take about 4 hours....
BUT......it took us 9 and we enjoyed ever minute of it!
No husbands, no kids.....just two crazy girls headed out on an

This cute guy welcomed us to Mamma Bear's
Mamma Bear's is a boutique, restaurant and antique store owned by
Janeen Ford from Channel 12

Look how green and pretty everything is

This is the Red Geranium Boutique.....cute, cute, cute!~

When we saw this lamp shade we fell in ♥
Terri...that shade is you! We thought about buying it for you but.....
it was $78.00......woozers.....so we just took a picture of it and decided you could make one just like it!
Look at these darling blingy shoes....they look just like you too!
We can just see your cute little piggies in these dang cute shoes!!
Another cute stop...this place reminded us of the Orange Patch Too and they sold home made fudge
We would have bought some stuff there but the little ladies there wouldn't let us use the bathroom.....so we'll show them.....we'll just take our business on down the road!

The rooster picture is for Marla...she's lovin' those French Country Roosters

Terri...we missed you! So many things for you to buy....this little shop had lots of dishes and pretty things....we could barely take it all in.

Marla's waving "hey" to you Terri..."wish you were here".

And I bought this little "GEM" for me at a garage sale in Alpine!
Don't you just ♥ it!

We had a great trip....Terri.....next time...you'd better come along!

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