Sunday, August 2, 2009

There really is a Mayberry.......

Yes, this is where I've been for 4 days!! Alpine, AZ. The place reminded me of what it would have been like to live in Mayberry!
This is the view from Marla's deck.....breathtaking.....

This is the view from the top of the hill.....where the cabin was
to the bottom of the hill....where the car was.
Before we arrived, they found a leak in a water pipe
and the road had been blocked and a big trench dug right in the middle of the road in order to fix the leak.
So....we had to park at the bottom of the hill and hike up to get to the cabin! Yes, you heard right, hike up the hill....ME! Oh no!
My dear, sweet BFF, Marla and her dear, sweet sister, Donna, carried all of our stuff up the hill and all I had to do was carry myself and my 20 pound purse. I had a small asthma attack after the little hike, but other than that....I made it! The biggest problem was....we were both in sandals. What a couple of city girls.

The weather was unbelievably cool~and here's the proof....
The dash of my car......yep, 70 degrees! Can you imagine!
Diane, I brought some of this delightful weather back in a Tupperware bowl for you! ;-)
Every afternoon the thunder would start and the rain would fall.
Most beautiful sight to see and smell and feel!
We considered making a fire..... because we could~
But, decided against it....we'd grab a blanket instead.

We even had guests....Surprise.....
(they were in Alpine for a wedding and stopped by).
It was fun to see them.

Marla's Dad, Roy....this pose says it all......the livin' is easy in

Marla's Mom, Nada! What a gem and a GOOD cook!
She never meets a stranger....and I felt like part of the family from the minute I arrived. Nada and my Mom were friends, many, many years ago, but we never knew it. No wonder Marla and I are BFF's...our Mother's were BFF's too!
Donna, you sweet thing! Thanks for carrying all my CRAP up the hill...
you saved my life!!
Ashley, Donna's daughter...she is one talented young lady. She helped with all my projects!~I loved having her around.

Kelsey, Donna's 2nd daughter. We had a blast with these girls. She helped with the projects and was a good gopher running back and forth to Grandma's for us.

I took lots of projects to get ready for Enrichment and I had lots of help...Thank goodness! We're going to make these necklaces for our Sept., Mother and Daughter Enrichment~we're inviting the YW to join us
These necklaces are made out of washers and the girls can print anything they want on them.
Ashley's above says "Bliss and Bling" so cute!

We're planning to make "Love At Home" blocks for our Oct. Enrichment ~ here's the one we made for a pattern to display

I finished a topiary I had started a couple of months ago....

A ribbon topiary idea for Enrichment....I think it will take to long to do....but I wanted to give it a I need to find a cute container and get it planted. I'll post another picture when it's complete.

Ashley and Kelsey just chillin' and watching movies.
I watched more movies in those 4 days than I have all year.

Thanks Marla for an AWESOME 4 days!!
We made memories I'll never forget!


Stu and Angie Milne said...

oh how fun! and i love how your projects turned out! DEFINITELY plan to teach those at enrichment! i want to learn :)

Jeff and Jenny said...

LOVE the projects!! NT missed you, we know it!! I loved having him over for dinner. it was so fun, but we definitely missed you! Glad you got a little vacation! You deserved it!!

angie milne photography said...

thanks for commenting on my new blog! didn't the girls look great?!

Turley fam said...

I am so glad you got to escape the heat!!! Loved all the projects!