Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day #18


If you've ever been to our house you know we love SODA!
We have a fridge in our dining/game room full of soda.
All the YM and YW and Primary kids know they are welcome to help themselves.......come on over.......and help yourself too.

Sweetiepie loves COKE.......
and my drink of choice is DIET CHERRY DR. PEPPER

But, we try to keep a stash of all kinds of stuff so everyone can be happy!

But, I don't enjoy drinking DIET CHERRY DIET DR. PEPPER
unless it has LOTS of good ice! I'm not sure if I like the ice so I cover it with dr. pepper or if I like dr. pepper so I add ice, but the two have to go together.....I promise!!

I can eat ice alone......but never dr. pepper alone!!

Then look at this......found something new.
I'll be honest, this does not even sound good....yuck.
What a good way to ruin chocolate!~

And yes, we drink a lot of WATER too!!
If you live in Arizona I think you have to.'s to you!!


The Kleyn Family said...

Woman after my own heart! Straight Diet Coke for me!! LOVE!!! And I think it's cover the ice with soda--- :]

Sassy said...

You are ALWAYS so giving with your are a good share~er hahaha what is the proper word for share~er.....I know there is one but my sore knee has sucked my brains out of my head hahaha I LOVE LOVE LOVE my devil juice...and I take it straight!!! I would probably be fine with an I.V. running directly into my veins hahaha my boyfriend has always said if they had a straw long enough..I would probably drink it out of a five gallon drum....ME ADDICTED???????? YEP! PROBABLY!!!!