Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day #4


We have a stranger that lives in our house!!

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw today's picture was
{{a stranger}}

I got this cute shabby chic picture frame as a gift many years ago~ it resides in my guest room . I've had many guests ask me who is that little girl in that picture frame?

I answer, "I don't know, some stranger".

Then I opened up my ballot to vote.......
and low and behold........
it's full of STRANGERS!!

Do you know any of these people?

Outside of the 4 candidates than are on the TV ~ 24~7
I didn't know any of them.

We voted today....
Did you?


Jenny Johnson said...

I'm pushing myself to blog too!! Very cute posts. Thanks for the sweet Jeff Shout out!! We love you too!

Best Nana said...

I my self hate politics. I vote you to be PRES.Voteing is HOG WASH

Sassy said...

TRUE THAT!!!!! Who are ALL of those other people...HOLY HANNAH!!!! It is going to be a L O N G few months before elections I think.....GOOD FOR YOU GUYS....getting your voting done...I am proud of you...I always go to the polling place....I get a kick out of standing in line and listening to all of the people and their ideas and getting my sticker hahahaha....LOVE YOU GIRL!!!! glad YOU ARE NOT A STRANGER TO ME!!!!!!!!