Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day #9

Front Door

Hi, won't you come in......

I very seldom go through the front door.
I park in the garage and go through the side in through the laundry room. So, I don't pay much attention to the front door.
I love to decorate the door for the holiday ~
this is the Valentine wreath.

This is the view I see most of the Front Door
from the inside out.


Sassy said...

Your home is soooooo GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE your door inside and out!!!!!

Roxy Dozier said...

your front door is always so welcoming. Your house is always warm and inviting, it almost feels like home when were there! I love your house......and you!

Best Nana said...

I wish my front door looked that good. Your blog is so cute. I love going to your house it like going to a resort with out the reservation. Love ya sis and the B&B is the best. A welcomeing kiss & hug from Newell takes the cake!!!!!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

Way to go on posting the inside of the Door!! I LOVE coming in that front door because it means I get to see 2 of my most favorite people in the entire world