Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 20

Of a few of the people I love.....

This is a note from my sweet 90 yr. old Dad

I got my Mom's recipe box ~ all in her hand writing

recipes we grew up on
love, love, love this!!

A sweet thank you note from Tanner

......and then Rylle had to leave his mark!!
Love the little reminders through out my home of these few people I love!


Sassy said...

Those are precious treasures!!!! LOVE them ALL......the note from your Dad and your Mom's recipe box are PRICELESS!!!!!!ALWAYS notes from the grandkiddo's light up up a day!!!!!! LOVED THIS POST!

Jenny Johnson said...

Those are great memories! Love it!

The Kleyn Family said...

I could spot Grandma's handwriting anywhere. Memories! :]