Friday, February 3, 2012

Day #3


These are the {{hands}} of a few of the people I ♥

Hardest working {{hands}} I've ever seen, but they are so soft when he takes my hand in his....what a wonderful feeling!!

Sweetest {{hands}} ever!!

Rylle, Mallory and Tanner was too little at the we get his sweet little piggies!!
These priceless little gems adorn the hallway...I look at them everyday!

One of my favorite gifts ever.....
Rylle's little {{hand}} print....1999. Priceless!!

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Sassy said...

The VERY BEST HANDS EVER.....the one's of those WE LOVE!!!!!! I love your post!!!!!! You can never have too many handprints from our little ones....♥ it all! And I LOVE YOUR GIVING HANDS MY FRIEND!