Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day #14


I see skies of blue and clouds of white

The bright blessed day, the dark secret night~

I am so blessed!!


Kellie Petersen said...

We are so blessed to have you! :)

Paula said...

Beautiful ~ Beautiful! I love that song! (But, not as much as I LOVE YOU!)

Sassy said...

We were on the same wave length tonight hahaha...that is my FAVORITE SONG EVVVVVVVVVVVER!!!!!! And...CLOUDS are a HUGE FAVE TOO!!!!! And...the time at that boutique when you said to me....AREN'T YOU SASSY? That is a FAVORITE too...I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU and YOUR FRIENDSHIP!

The Kleyn Family said...

I thought I loved that song & then I heard Michael Buble sing it and I KNOW for sure I love it!! And I love you, too!