Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day #4

This is my side of the bed~

I ♥ my chair and foot stool....
(there are Diane's creations all over my house)

it's a perfect place to sit and read
or watch TV

(so on a perfect night this is what it looks like)

...but the most perfect thing to do with this chair
and footstool is to store all the pillows off of my bed.

So, this is what my bedside usually looks like.
(I'm not gonna lie)


Paula said...

I hapen to Love pillows, and even piled or randomly thrown I think they look marvelous! How cozy is your bedside!

The Kleyn Family said...

I agree with Paula--it looks sooo cozy!

Sassy said...

OHHHHH I LOVE!!!!! I need Diane to do some creating for me......I love plump and overstuffed and ALL looks so comfy and so dadgum CUTE!!!!!

Petersens said...

I love pillows... but I find them always in my way, because Taylor loves to throw/play/hide them everywhere and have pillow fights with :) Oh, and your neighborhood is beautiful. I love those window boxes too! and very interesting fruit facts, we Love fruit too:)