Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day #3

~My Neighborhood~

There is something about the "hood" first thing in the morning. Clean and fresh and damp and smells good!! Fresh morning air!!

Everyday when I back out of the garage~I'm so jealous of all those that get to stay home during the day.
I'm NEVER home during the day. If I ever retire I think I'm most excited about being in the "hood" and my home during day light hours.

So, in anticipation of today's post I drove around the "hood"
on my way to work and took some photos of some of the pretty flowers in some of the yards.
I kill everything I ever try to grow, especially flowers.
My brother Hoke and my Dad can make anything grow~
they have all the talent~cuz I have NONE!!

If the pictures are fuzzy it's because I was driving by and leaning out the window hoping no one would see me and think I was stalking them.

I hate cactus, but they managed to grow some pretty flowers throughout the yard too.

When my house grows up I want it to look like this home!! I've always loved it and have been envious of their beautiful flower boxes.

The yard below belongs to my sweet friend Angie ~ she loves digging in the dirt and her yard shows it~ this just makes me feel happy!!

This is the park behind our house~it's quiet in the morning
but when I turn the corner after work this park is full of football games,
families and dogs and kids riding their bikes.

This is the sight I saw in the park this morning~kinda makes me feel sad~
but they left the bottle half full!

This is the vacant lot on the corner.....we just signed a petition to stop them from building an apartment complex here. Just what we need...more apartments~not to mention the traffic waiting to get out on Val Vista at the light!

This is the little bit of color on my front porch in the old rocking chair~
it's about the only thing I don't kill~

Thanks for taking a walk with me around "my neighborhood"~


Paula said...

You have the best place in the whole neighborhood! It's cute front porch is welcoming and just radiates the warmth and goodness of the fantabulous people that live there!

I thought you had window boxes - ?

Sassy said...

I agree with Paula!!! LOVE your surroundings.......and YES I too love those window boxes and Angie's beautimous gorgeous......

what did you do with the other half of the bottle my friend...hahahaha Just Kidding!!!
I loved the walk thing about these is making us journal about stuff that might be important to somebody one day.......


The Kleyn Family said...

I love your neighborhood! I especially love the brick front houses, reminds me of our neighborhood growing up which I miss so bad!

Kellie Petersen said...

Those planter boxes are SOOO pretty! I LOVE brick...One day I will have a brick house and lots of pretty flowers! :)

angieinpink said...

i love our little neighborhood. makes me happy. ♥