Thursday, April 2, 2009

If you read this post, you've been tagged!!

Some interesting and not so interesting things about ME! Now tell us about you!! I'll be checking in on ya!

I am: way too much like my mother!
I think:we should have our grandchildren first, doesn't that sound like fun!
I want: some chocolate chip cookie dough
I have: too many projects and not ever enough time
I dislike: milk, liver
I miss: being in YW, I love those girls!
I fear: becoming a crazy old lady with blue eyeshadow and a frizzy perm
I feel: content
I hear: the 10:00 news
I smell: nail product, I just got my nails done.
I crave: ICE
I cry: more often than I'd like to over the dumbest things!
I usually: clean my kitchen up before I go bed
I regret: working so much when my kids were small
I search: for my phone.....all the time...I have to call myself. I need a clapper for my phone
I wonder: what Sean and Megan's kids will be like
I love: being at my home during the day. I love this place!!
I care: about my hubby, kids, grand kids, family and friends more than anyone would ever know.
I always: wear ear rings and perfume
I worry: about my kids and grand kids
I am not: a lazy person, I love to be busy
I remember: what it felt like to have a grand baby.
I believe: In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I dance: when ever I want to make a fool of myself
I sing: when the grand kids will sing with me, I don't do solos
I don't always:shut the lights off when I leave the room
I argue: very seldom, I hate conflict!
I write: on my blog almost every single day, it is my journal
I win: can't think of a thing I've brother James always wins stuff
I lose: my cell phone....still
I wish: I could be a better missionary
I listen: to talk radio on my way to work
I don't understand: why people smoke or do drugs
I can usually be found: at Hobby Lobby or at the computer
I watch:reality TV and Dr. Phil and news talk shows
I need: a VACATION, like a trip to San Diego
I forget: to call people back
I am happy: because I surround myself with wonderful, fun, loving people that I love and love me


HRHNeenerita said...

can't think of all those things

The Egans said...

First of all you will never I mean NEVER have blue eyeshadow and a perm!!
Second I know where I got my OCD from and where Tanner gets his from