Sunday, April 19, 2009

YOU ROCK!!!! Great idea!!

found it here

Here is a fun idea. This would be a cute idea for birthdays for Young Women or Visiting Teaching ladies. A small inexpensive token. She had all of the girls in the youth group write down a few words describing each girl. She then took a few of the words and wrote them on polished stones with a silver paint pen. One word on each stone. She put them in a cute pink sheer bag with a pull ribbon closure. {from a national craft store;very inexpensive} She put a cute tag on it that says "We think you ROCK. Happy Birthday to you!" with their name on the other side. She also tossed in some candy for instant gratification. {they are teenagers afterall} Hopefull it will help build their self-esteem and remind them that someone loves them. They can pull them out when they have a bad day or put one in the bottom of their purse or pocket as a reminder of how amazing they are.


Paula said...

I am so not crafty, but this is something even I could do! Thanks for the solid idea! XOXOX

Erin & Matt said...

What a great idea!