Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of these days........

................this beautiful lady will be the mother of my grandchild. Meet Meghan, Sean's wife. Isn't she beautiful, both inside and out. TeriAnne did her makeup and hair and Sean, TeriAnne's hubby did the photos. What a trio, huh?
Now Meghan, I'm not suggesting you hurry with the grand kid thing, I know your have your cancer issue and all.....I was just thinking what beautiful kids you will have, however, they certainly will be in good company with the others!
Rylle, Sean and Tanner. 3 of my 4 favorite guys!!
Rylle and Mallory......in a tender moment.

Tanner and Mallory......Tanner loves his big sister.

Megan.....remember, not that we're in any hurry...but here's some cute nursery ideas I just .
Just humor me a little......every grandma can dream can't she!!

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Meghan and Sean Green said...

holy cow! how neat is that post. i love the ideas for baby rooms, but i do have one in mind and it can work for boys and girls.
babies are life changing and im still recovering from the last trial. it wont be too long but it wont be soon either. after we buy a house maybe. we just love being the aunt and uncle that can spoil the neice and nephews. we like being newlyweds! almost 4 year! thanks bev!