Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here's something I wore today~
not just today, but every day.  Actually, I went to church this last Sunday and forgot my earrings...I felt naked the whole time.  
I don't wear jewelry other than my wedding ring and my hoop earring!  They're a must! 
Perry Ellis~360 for Women is my signature fragrance!  I've tried others and I keep coming back to the same old one! I've worn it for so long that I hardly smell it anymore.  So, if it's ever too strong, please tell me.....cuz that's just not cool! 

  Mary Kay is another every day must!  I'm pretty scary without my paint and powder!!  I rarely leave the house without it! 
You are welcome~I spared you that scary sight! 

 But, this is the most important part of what I wear! 
I know that if I wear a smile and pass it on..........
I just might make another person's day better!!


Paula said...

Love that smile and love that face! I've seen it without the makeup and still love that face!

Sassy said...

I think I would love the face without the makeup change that...I know I would love it!!!!!!!!! Me too...I am only a hoop earring and wedding ring kinda girl too....

LOVE your smilin' face!!!!

The Kleyn Family said...

You always look so nice & I love the way your perfume smells, now I know what it is! :-) And the smile might be my favorite part of you!