Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whenever I think of skyline~I think of Mary Poppins.
I had to decorate for a Stake function and we had a New York skyline as the background but I have no picture of that. It was cool, just a black cut out of the skyline with twinkle lights in the windows~and it stretched clear across the stage.  The whole play took place in front of it.  Guess you needed to be there. 

Mary Poppins is one of my favorite Disney movies or plays and I love the whimsical skyline in the background!

The skyline I remember most is the background for Mary Poppins~

I did some decorating for ASU in January and 2 of the tables were for the Broadway play~Mary Poppins
I actually gave some thought to doing something with the skyline in the background but just couldn't quite figure how to do that on top of a round table~


 I decided to use the umbrella, Mary Poppins boots and hat instead~and don't forget her carpet bag~


angieinpink said...

you are a creative genius. seriously love it! ♥

Sassy said...

I think they are smart people asking you to decorate for ARE SO TALENTED!!!!!!! You my friend are SUPERCALAFRAJALISTICEXPEALIDOCIAS {?}!!!!!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

You are talented times 1,000!!! I live everything you do and decorate!!

Paula said...

Love love love the table decorations! Just like Sassy said, you are supercal------whatever! I would love to be on your team to do some gala! You seriously need to take tons of pics of the things you do to share with us!