Friday, May 11, 2012

Once a month Lucia pays us a visit
and lucky for you
today was her visiting day! 
Lucky for me too
because on the day Lucia comes to visit
I come home from work to a totally clean house.
That's just about my favorite feeling in the whole, wide world! 
So, once a month my kitchen is clean~take a good look
because it won't last long!


Sassy said...

Your home is ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I loved getting to enjoy it last night....and ohhhhhh how I wish Lucia was coming to my home too!!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

Being in your kitchen is the best!! Reminds me of my mom's. Good food, great fun and tons of laughter. I love you and how special you make me feel!! Your kitchen is at the top of my favorite places list

Kellie Petersen said...

There is nothing better than coming home to a clean casa! I LOVE Friday's because that is when my house is cleanest ;)

The Kleyn Family said...

Your kitchen is always spotless, and your cleaning lady is awesome!

Paula said...

What a treat! You must love her!