Saturday, May 5, 2012

So many things I decorate with (like food) are fake.....including the birds. 
I'm really into bird cages right now. I have them all displayed in my entry along with a few bird houses and bird nests.

This little guy is one of my favorites.  He's battery operated and when you flip the switch~he chirps.
One thing about my fake birds is they are quiet and make no messes.  
But, I'll be honest, I love to sit outside and listen to the birds sing! 

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, 
it sings because it has a song." 
  Maya Angelou


Sassy said...

I love all of your fake things!!!! Especially that little bird! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL!

The Kleyn Family said...

Those are cute. I'll have to make sure and find the birds next time I'm at your house, I guess I've always overlooked them somehow--but they're stinking fun!

Paula said...

Love your birds!