Monday, May 14, 2012

We don't have a blade of grass on our property~and I really do miss that, but Sweetiepie said he planned it that way. 
When we moved to this house
he gave away the mower and weed eater
and he says he doesn't miss doing yard work
one single bit!!  

But I would love to have a beautiful yard.  
I'm so jealous of Diane and Emily's nice yards, 
full of green GRASS!!

In my dreams, this is where I would like to relax 
in the cool green GRASSBut, I promise you
this has to be some place other than
Mesa, AZ.   


The Kleyn Family said...

Wait a minute, those big boy grands of yours could mow it! Out with the rock, in with the would be free labor ;-) LOL!

Sassy said...

Grass just seems cooler to me in this place that isn't even fit for snakes or lizards....I agree let the grandkiddo's mow it! It could be a $$$$ makin' dealio!

Paula said...

Grass is great if you have time to spend in it!