Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The mystery has been solved!
Paula is alive and well and working like a mad woman.
Yes, it's true.....after a few days of worry and wondering why she fell off the blogging world....I made a phone call, she answered and the rest is history!
She's working a new job, training and trying to keep up with the rest of life.....but she'll be back.  She'll join the rest of us crazy blogging women just as soon as she can catch her breath.
So glad you're OK, Paula.
  Hope you're back in the swing of things real soon!!  


Sassy said...

I am doing a happy dance.....I have been worried about her...I left her a message the other day to see if she was okay......THANK YOU!!!! And...YEAH! FOR WORK!!!! It's a GOOD THING!!! But I do miss har!

Paula said...

You are so sweet to worry about me! I am alive and well - just extremely wiped out trying to keep up with this crazy schedule. It isn't the work - just the insane switching of hours DAILY! I am indeed grateful for the job, and am not afraid of work - I love being busy!