Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Look~over there.....

at the side bar on my blog.......
see all those people, they ALL inspire me...
every single day!
Each day when I open my blog to read the posts from all of you my blogging buddies....I find joy and inspiration! 
Each one of you touch my ♥ in a way you will never understand!

Nienie~I don't personally know her, but I feel like I do.  She is such a brave woman and she has taught me I can endure anything!

Emily~A busy Momma with a bunch of chicks at her feet, yet she can accomplish more in one day than I can in a week.  Watching her grow into such a beautiful woman has been so amazing.  She is always a good example for me!

Sassy~Well, this woman seriously cracks me up!  She finds beauty and humor in EVERYTHING!  She has faced some amazing trials~and has endured it all with grace and humor.  From you Sassy, I am learning to be more light hearted!!

Jenny~is wise and patient.  She doesn't give up....no matter what!!  Jenny, you are a calming force to me......and some days when I'm frenzied and scattered, just a small comment on FB or a quick chat or text can make a huge difference in my crazy day!

Diane~Talented in all things!!  If I could sew just a little bit like Diane I would be "sew" happy!  She can turn the biggest piece of junk into a pure work of art!  I wanna be like her!

Paula~Strong!  In mind and will.  When I think of you, Paula, I think of nurturing, for that is what you have been to me.  She has such a love for her family~and would do anything for them~and has, including me!! 

Angie~light hearted!  She finds JOY in everyday life.  She has a young, cute spirit and she shares it with everyone around her.  I also love her style.....you can always tell that Angie made it.....she has that style!! 

And....to all the many others that inspire me every single day~my family, my kids, my friends, my leaders~thank you for making me a better person just by having you in my life!!
I ♥ you!


Sassy said...

YOU MADE ME CRY!!!!!YOU TURKEY!!! I hope you know how much I love you...I count my blessings that you are in my life!!!! And...my friend I have seen you turn your ideas into magic as well...you have such great talents and strengths....YOU ARE BOMB DIGGITY!!!! You have a talent for making everyone feel special too....you inspire and motivate me to be better......MY FRIEND YOU ILLUMINATE MY WORLD!!!!!!!!

The Kleyn Family said...

100% agree with Sassy! And I am only who I am and who I'm becoming because of great cheerleaders like you. I love you! You're the best!!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

You made me cry too! I love your guts Bev!! I'm so glad I know you. You're more than my friend, you're family

Paula said...

Me, cry? Well, certainly - I cry in coffee commercials! Thanks for the comments - you are always so sweet! Love you to bits!