Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Saturday project

I have this little space by the side of my fridge. I've had (which seems like forever) these four frames with veggies in them. (I forgot to take the picture before I started taking them down), so I only got a picture of two of them, oh well, you get the picture. A friend of mine gave me her old 2008 calendar with roosters and chickens on every month. I was going to give it to Lavina (my dad's sweet wife) cuz she collects roosters and chickens, but when I looked at those black frames with the veggies in them, the light bulb went on and I decided to replace the veggies with.......what else, but roosters and chickens. So, here is the finished product, what do you think? Again, another finished fun project without spending a penny. Don't tell my hubby, he'll start expecting me to do no cost decorating and I'm just not that into that kind of thing.


Best Nana said...

Wow, you are so talented. How cute that looks! When can you come and redecorate my house. It needs a little BEV!

Matt & Erin said...

You are an awesome blogger & I love checking out all of your cute projects!!