Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've had it with incompetent people. I had TWO experiences tonight that make me wonder where they get some of these people that work in retail and why am I always the person to have to deal with them.

  • My first experience happened tonight on my way home at Sam's Club. I checked out and was going merrily on my way when the guy at the door needed to check my receipt. No problem....he says "it says here you have 7 items and I only see 6". Sure enough, the gal had charged me for grapes, twice. No big deal, but I had to go all the way around the cashiers, back to the front (they won't let you walk straight across from one door to the other door), give them my receipt, my Sam's Club card, sign and print my name, get my refund and walk all the way around again to the check out door. Then the same guy that sent me to get the refund had to have my receipt again and log down the mistake, then he bid me goodbye and I was on my way. What a hassle.....and I got money back, whew.........glad that's over......... Glad I wasn't in a hurry....probaby took me an extra 15 or 20 mintues......but I had to go to the bathroom and I was hungry.

  • Then next, I picked Marla up, we ran to Hobby Lobby cuz their Christmas stuff is all 90% off. Not much good stuff left, but we wanted to check it out. I picked up a few things and proceeded to check out. My total seemed a little large for the few 90% items got, but whatever....we were outta there. We got to the door and Marla looked at my receipt and noticed she had charged me the full price for a Christmas platter I picked up. It was 5.99 full price, and I would never, ever pay that much for it, it wasn't that great, but it was worth 60 cents. I said "I'm not paying 6.00 for this thing......I'll take it back and tell her she made a mistake". Well, wrong thing to say! They only had 2 checkouts open and only one of them could do a refund, and the refund line already had people trying to do refunds and had a couple of managers trying to help her. After waiting in line what seemed like forever, but was actually about 5 minutes, another lady opened her register and said he could do a refund. So, I explained what happened.........no problem........sure! She asked for my receipt, then she proceeded to do the refund, then she needed my license, then she had to get a manager to approve it, then the manager had to go and make a copy of my receipt, then I had to fill out a refund slip, and sign it...............and I had never even left the store........by this time I was ready to scream! I'm usually a pretty patient person, but this evening I had just had it, besides I needed to go to the bathroom and I was hungry....enough said........!!!!


James and Tammy said...

I hate it when that happens! You are lucky you catch it at the store I catch it when I get home and forget 2 weeks later the next time I go to walmart. Everything is just worse when you are hungry and have to pee! enough said.... I love that saying! I am glad you got the picture, you are my one and only blog fan!

Jeff and Jenny said...

Ah, dang it. Sorry Bev! I have been feeling the same way for the last 2 days!! we need to play some cards and get our angst out against the boys!!!