Friday, January 23, 2009

The passing of the sign.................

Don't you just love this sign! One of my BFF's, Terri, made it for me. She thought I'd hang it in my bedroom or the TV room or somewhere I could take my humble self and enjoy it....but NO, are you kidding, I have it hanging right in the entry of my living room so everyone that comes to my home can see it too! I love it but more than anything I love that Terri made it for me. I'll have to post some of the other cool things she's made for me, but that's another story all together.

Last night we had our Enrichment Night. We were talking about our 72 hour kits. I debated about going, but Jenny wanted to go, so I decided I'd give it a try. I do need to seriously make a 72 hour kit and that's one of the things on my bucket list and with their help I know I can do it.

We'll Jenny and I drove up to the church and there weren't any cars in the parking lot. We drove all around and on the other side were a bunch of vans, so we decided to go in and give it a shot. I tell you, I was so impressed. We have the best Enrichment Committee. Every single one of them "SHINED"! The evening was full of information, handouts, guest speakers, lots of displays, food, water, homemade bread to try, you name it, they had thought of it. My hats off to you ladies!!

OK, back to the sign. After going to Enrichment last night I decided I needed to step down and give my sign to Jan! You go girl! Is there anything she cannot do and do WELL!? And, guess what, she's the nicest person too, all that and she's kind! Love you are amazing, but I'm going to have to tell Terri to make you your own sign cuz I decided I'm not going to part with mine.....I just love it too much. Congrats Fairfield Ward Enrichment ladies ROCK!!!!!!

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Roxy Dozier said...

That sign soooooo fits you! You Rock!! I LOVED my surprise. How did you know I needed a good surprise to cheer me up? You're the best, we love you! Whadda ya wanna be? I wanna be a talented lady like you. You go girl!!