Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, tell me what you think is wrong with my eye,,,,,,,

OK, so my eye has been red off and on forever. I've been to the Dr., months ago, he thought I had pink eye and gave me drops, but as soon as the drops are gone it seems to come back, but never this bad. The darn thing is ugly!! I kind of burns and has this film that forms over it, but Ican't quite figure it out. I guess I'll try going to the Dr. again tomorrow....what the heck!


Jeff and Jenny said...

Aw Bev....That's no fun. Let me know what the doctor tells you!!

Roxy Dozier said...

I just got over pink eye. I too had the drops. The drops did nothing but relieve the pain and itchy feeling. I finally had to take Augmentin 875mg. I had strep and a sinus infection on top of it but boy did that medicine kick everythings butt! The drops did nothing visine wouldn't have done. Get some antibiotics Bev! Hope you feel better!!