Thursday, January 29, 2009

You've had a BIRTHDAY..shout HORRAY!

Today is Emma's birthday.....#15...driver's we come!! Happy Birthday Emma! You are an amazing young lady and a good example to all your friends and leaders! Here's 15 things I love about........EMMA~

  1. She's full of energy...good energy I might add!
  2. She's got a beautiful voice
  3. She can play the piano and violin (like no other)
  4. She makes really goooooood bread, just ask Bro. T~he'll tell ya!
  5. She's fun, fun, fun!
  6. She has a strong testimony
  7. She's loyal...through and through
  8. She's thoughtful to everyone around her
  9. She's a good friend, just ask Hanna, Cassie, Kristina, Emily and Afton!
  10. She's a natural, born LEADER
  11. She's a good athlete
  12. She's always willing to help, whenever needed
  13. She's cute!! I mean, cute!
  14. She can ride a TANDUM!
  15. I love her natural RED hair!!!!!!
Happy Birthday dear Emma! Sorry about stealing the picture from your blog, but I didn't have Cassie to do a really, really, really cute one for me.....besides, your cute enough, just like you are!


Emma said...

Thank you SO much Sister Turley! Love you!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

haha! i love this post sister turley. all of it is ABSOLUTLY TRUE! we DEFINITLY LOOOVE emma. and she is our HUGE bundle of JOY :D love ya emma! and happy birthday!!!!