Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm in LOVE!!

Have you ever seen anything so cool in your whole life as those little crock pot liners? If you don't believe they're wonderful just take a look at the before and after and all I did was pull the liner out, had not even wiped or washed the crock pot out, just took the picture. Are they awesome or what? Bless whomever invented them!! I won't use the crock pot without them! I've got Newel sold too!!

Funny, I'd never taken a picture of a crock pot before in my life until I started blogging. Go figure!


Anonymous said...

That is SO cool! Where do you find those?

Paula said...

AWESOME! Don't think I've ever taken a picture of a crock pot either - or any cooking utinsel for that matter. I just love your guts! This is all so fun! O, and by the way, the shopping cart thing is a deal!