Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got TAGGED!!

These are the roses of the week....what a SWEETIE PIE!!

What's your husbands name? Newel Don Turley
How long have you been married? 13 yrs
How long did you date? 3 mo. or so
How old is he? He says he's "29" but we all know better
Who eats more sweets? Uh, that would be him, I'm lovin' Splenda these days
Who is a better singer? We both stink at that!
Who is smarter? It depends at what. Neither one of us can win at "Who's Smarter than a 5th Grader"
Who does the laundry? He doesn't even know how to turn the washer and dryer on, he never has in 13 years!
Who pays the bills?NT, I don't ever even give them a thought
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? ME
Who mows the lawn? No lawn, all rock or asphalt
Who cooks dinner? Usually me, he cooks breakfast
Who drives? Depends, if we're in my car, probably me, if we're in his truck, probably him
Who is the first to say they are wrong? Neither one of us are ever wrong, just ask us
Who kissed who first?He did, and he tried to kiss me way before I would let him, he still complains about that 13 yrs. later
Who asked who out first? He asked me out first! Yes he did and I'm glad he did!
Who wears the pants? He thinks he does, but we know better than that now don't we!


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