Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Boy turns 87! What a happy Guy!!

Meet my happy Dad!~He doesn't look very happy but I think he was having a good time. I guess if I was 87 I'd have a frowny face too!
Dad and his sweet wife Levina. She is a dear person and takes such good care of our dad. She will never know how much we appreciate and love her!

Y'all know who this character is.....yeah, the one in the blue brother Hoke and his fun wife Diane. She's a good sport to have lived all these years as Hoke's wife.....there's never a dull moment at their house. They are a hoot and we love them and have fun with them!!

Then look at this happy couple.......yep, my baby brother James and his sweet wife Kay. James and I both believe........ life is better the second time around! We love you Kay and we're glad your part of our family cuz you make my Bubba sooo happy!!

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Meghan and Sean Green said...

Bev- did you just have your brothers and sisters over for your dads b-day? looks like u had fun.