Friday, January 30, 2009

We are a happy ....... F A M I L Y

Roxanne....this one's for you! I made these family signs for each of my brother's and sister's family for Christmas. Roxanne wanted one and I had one left to do something with, so here it is! I'll bring it when I see you on Sunday. Sarah, your surprise will be the post tomorrow, just putting on the finishing touches. Tammy, when you come I'll have a surprise for you to take home too, and Emily gets the Valentine blocks. Just want you girls (nieces and nephews wives) to know how much I love you and hope I can bring a smile to each of your homes.

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Roxy Dozier said...

YAY, I feel like I won the lottery or something!! You're amazing and I love you too! Wow, this really makes my day. I don't think I'll be going on Sunday. I've been running a fever and feeling pretty crummy so.... Hopefully I still get my jackpot prize. I'll think of something to do for you sometime for all the love you show my famil. It'll be a surprise!!