Friday, January 13, 2012

Are you superstitious?


My day started off crappy.....with a capital {{C}}

as the day went on it didn't seem to get much better, more and more crapola came my way........

When I came home I realized I had 3 open umbrellas on my dining room table. I'm decorating with them for an event on Tues and just sprayed and glittered them and they needed to dry.

You know what they say about opening an umbrella in the house....
{{{{bad luck}}}
So, I'm not usually superstitious ..... today, I'm beginning to wonder.
ps...then I read SASSY'S blog and now the glass is half full again.


Sassy said...

I am so sorry your day was C R A P P Y and you feel crazier than a run over dog!!!!!! That just STINKS!!! WHAT YOU MY FRIEND ARE GOING TO DO WITH THESE TABLES WILL BE DA BOMB BABY!!!! They will be AMAZING!!!! Don't forget to take time for you!!!!!

Paula said...

Those umbrellas are so dang cute they couldn't bring bad luck.

angieinpink said...

that's hilarious. yep! it was totally the umbrellas! those decorations are darling btw!

liv was born on friday the 13th, so ever since then, i haven't been so superstitious. :)

thanks again for stopping by & bringing me & the girls goodies. it was the happiest spot in my day & i love ya for it. ♥