Monday, January 9, 2012

The Bachelor~the blogger & pasta salad!

What a fun Monday night~

Watched the Bachelor....drama, drama, drama!!
Not so sure I can sit through this whole season~
Where did they find these women on this show???

For some reason I keep tuning must be something about the sleeze factor.......go figure!

Watched the Bachelor with one of my favorite bloggers
It was her anniversary and her boyfriend had to work~
so, we had dinner, diet coke, root beer floats and watched the sleezy Bachelor together~

And at the same time........I made pasta salad for my Dad's 90th birthday party tomorrow night.
I can's one of my talents!!

Thanks for the fun night, SASSY!


angieinpink said...

oh bachelor, i can't wait to watch on hulu tomorrow! although, i'm not a fan of ben at all. ):

two of my fave ladies chillin' on the same night makes me happy!

ps: it's a good thing i'm off carbs, or i might have broken into your house already to steal that pasta salad! looks so yummmmmmm

Sassy said...

YOU ARE SO AWESOME MY FRIEND!!!! Thank you again....I LOVED IT and that salad looks delish!!!!! Tonight was so fun and hahaha our blog posts are kind of similar.....and seriously where in tarnation do they find these women?????

Paula said...

What a great friend you are! Sassy, you are dang lucky to get to chill with Bev!
Bev, you multi task like no other!
I can't believe that your dad will be 90! Be sure to give him a BIG HUG from "Paula Cluff - 3 yrs. old"!