Monday, January 23, 2012

When the economy went in the tank
Sweetiepie and I had that talk about what we could cut back on or do without.

Hair? Nope
Nails? Nope
Eating out? Nope
Cleaning lady? Nope
Dry Cleaning? Yep........

So guess who got that job? Yep....ME!!

Monday night, good TV between
The Bachelor
The Debate
and The Suns game
I decided to set up the ironing board right in front of the TV~
I can sit in my chair and watch TV all night long and get the ironing done too!
I remember when I was in 7th or 8th grade I would do ironing for others for 10 cents a piece. Can you imagine?

Actually, I don't mind ironing.....especially when it's from the comfort of my chair planted in front of the TV.

Here's my view.......


The Kleyn Family said...

Wait?! Dry cleaners iron clothes???!! Kidding, but you know my mother [and her love of ironing] so anything but a good old ironing board would be unheard of ;)...and its kinda relaxing! With all that said my family wears wrinkles, because I'm just too darn lazy! TV might motivate me!! Thx!

angieinpink said...

haha i love your list of things you wouldn't give up! you're the best!

i also ironed as a teenager, for an older couple that lived behind me. i ironed sheets, jeans, pjs, name it! :)

Sassy said...

My Mom always paid me to iron.....she had a special sprinkling bottle and then she would bag what she sprinkled to keep them damp and I ironed my little ♥ out.....those were the days! LOVE YOUR LIST and CAN NOT blame HAVE TO HAVE YOUR PRIORITIES!!!! ♥ ya!

Paula said...

I personally believe ironing should be banned! Not my favorite thing to do! I only iron when I have NOTHING else to wear.

I ironed when I was a kid (learned how on pillow cases) but never got paid. I Ironed for my home economics teacher when I was a teenager and got paid by the hr. Had to iron tee shirts and her son's boxer shorts and her husbands Hyway Patrol uniforms. YUCK!!