Saturday, January 7, 2012

What has happened to the {{hood}}?

This is the house on one side of us.......empty.
No grass, it's a rental and it looks like it.
It could be a nice home, just needs a little TLC.....

This is the house on the other side of us........empty too.
It was a short sale. An investor bought it and is fixing it up and will put it up for sale. It will be a nice home.....just needs someone to move in that will love it and care for it. can't believe the way they left this home....
I don't know how some folks can live like this!

This is the house across the street from us.....
unkept with a bunch of junky cars sitting all around.
This home will soon be empty....they're moving, thank goodness.

Every day as we say our prayers we pray for good families to move into our {{hood}}. Someone that will care for these homes, and be good neighbors.

I love my home.....and I'd like to surround myself with folks who love their homes too. If you know of anyone~let me know...we're looking for good neighbors!!


Paula said...

Who wouldn't want to live next to the Turleys?! Hope it's someone who will take pride in ownership and appreciate their AWESOME neighbors!

Sassy said...

I love your HOME......and there truly is no place like yours....maybe we should look into one of them....I would totally dig living next to you!!!!

angieinpink said...

i didn't realize they were all vacant/will soon be vacant! crazy! we need some YW....i'll pray for that! ♥