Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If I had 15 extra minutes, this is what I'd do~

Call my BFF

Call one of my kids
Call my hubby
Vacuum the TV room
Check my FaceBook
Look at my newest magazine

Update my calendar
Throw in a load of laundry
Pour me a cold one
Check Pinterest

What would you do with 15 extra minutes?


Paula said...

I had 15 min. tonite and I brought in the big garbage can from the street, brought in the treadmill from the garage (had to take it out to make room for the Christmas tree - it's been put away for days), took the bush christmas lights down and stored them, got the mail. Amazing what can be done in a few minutes.

Of course my favorite minutes today were spent on the phone with my brother, YOU, and Nel!

Sassy said...

I just wrote a blog post in fifteen minutes hahahahaha after spending forty days trying to fix last nights so it shows me doing two today...but in 15 minutes I have kept a promise!!!!! In fifteen minutes I visited with some of my grandchildren on a blanket under our lemon tree....and a nother fifteen to hug them and hug them again!!!!!