Saturday, January 21, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving!!!

Sweetiepie's daughter, Sharon, gave him 5 loaves of whole wheat, homemade bread for Christmas! A treat at our house......

She also included a coupon for 2 loaves every month for 1 year!
So, this morning for breakfast, I cheated and had a slice of toast.

Loved every single bite!~

Better than a candy bar to me.

I'll probably regret it come weigh in day....but guilt, no regret just pure {{fattening, CARB }} joy.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

PS.....OOPS, I've been busted.....
found this comment from Sassy

I came looking for your post today...I missed you!!!! Have a GREAT weekend friend!

2 post today, promise, to make up for it. So, I'll do another one tonight!


Paula said...

Yummy looking toast (with real butter!) and, as it was a gift, it won't have ANY carbs!

I, too, missed your yesterday post ~ couldn't stay up any later waiting for it last night.

Thanks to your blog I was introduced to Sassy who commented on one of my posts, gave me a challenge, and ~Voila~ another friend. She sounds delightful! But that's what I'd expect from a friend of yours!


Salvage Chic Lady said...

I'm with you on the wheat bread! Almost better than chocolate and you know what...oopsie ;)

The Kleyn Family said...

Think I could give that same gift to my folks??!! Um, I guess not. But yummy--whole wheat is delicious!

Sassy said...

You ARE soooooooo funny!!! hahaha BUSTED!!!!!! I too love home made bread is da bomb!!!! And I also agree with Paula.....when it comes to friends of yours...I expect nothing less than DELIGHTFUL!!!! Glad to have her as a new friend too!!!!