Monday, January 30, 2012

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Lorraine Moffitt and Sandra Langley~

We home teach Lorraine Moffitt and we usually try to take her out to dinner, or for ice cream, or a drive and this month we had her over for dinner. We invited Sandra just for kicks. She's our Relief Society Pres., she's always serving others so we wanted to serve her!
Good food and great company!!


Sassy said...

How sweet are you????? Sounds like a WONDERFUL time.....those ladies are very lucky to have you in their lives!!!!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

I was praying it was my name when I saw the title!!

Sandy said...

Bev didn't tell you that we had a delicious dinner and a dessert to die for. If you ever get lucky enough to be invited, you are in for a treat. Thank you Turleys. You are awesome