Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cutest Valentine idea ever!

These are soft cookies with frosting that gets hard as it dries.

You simply take your "love" scrapbooking stamps, dip them in red food coloring, and stamp right on the cookie!

Heather is making sugar cookies for me to be delivered on Friday and in the meantime, I'm going looking for these stamps and I'm going to do them. They're just too cute to resist. I found this at Creative Memories blog. Give 'em a try.....yummy and cute too!

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Paula said...

So darling! Maybe I can convince Andi to make the cookies and I can stamp them! I stopped doing Valentine cookies (and Christmas ones) for my neighbors when I realized that it made me grouchy and I HATED doing it. If it can't be done with love, then don't do it, I say. If it involves rolling out dough, or making a mess with flour - count me out! But Andi likes to make cookies - so I let her! Dang cute idea, though.