Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally....a labor of love!!

A few weeks ago we had an Enrichment meeting on Sq. Ft. Gardening. Newel went with me and we learned about having a garden on the patio. We have no yard, it's all asphalt or brick, no grass at all. So Newel decided we were going to try to do this..........and look how it turned out. I'm so proud of him.

He built the boxes instead of square he made them long....there wasn't enough room on our patio for square ones. He also put them up on bricks so he wouldn't have to bend down on the grown. How smart is he?
Then he filled them with soil..........and the the hardest part............what to plant?
Here' the finished products!! He planted squash, bell pepper, green beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes! Yummmmmmy!~

Can't wait to reap the fruits of his labors!!! Come visit and stay for dinner, we'll share with you!


Paula said...

Totally AWESOME! Way to go Newel!

James and Tammy Stanley said...

that is so awesome!! way to go. I am so excited to plant a garden up here. If it ever warms up! We will have to stop by and see it, next time we come down to visit

Paula said...

O, by the way, I DOUBLE DOG DARE you. Take the letter "K" and see what you can do with it!