Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A house of order.....

I was listening to a BYU Hawaii Devotional tonight ~ "Get real in preparing for marriage" Eric Shumway, BYU Hawaii President. Here is a quote from his talk that really struck me for some reason:

"As you prepare for marriage develop a sense, even a passion for some order in your life. A man or a woman who can't keep a clean or tidy room or their own clothes off the floor and hung up properly comes into marriage a cripple, severely handicapped. Regardless of what else is going well or how patient your spouse might be, your messy room and careless attitude toward order will weigh heavily on your relationship. I can testify, for example, that a made bed is the beginning for order and peace in the universe. Sing the hymn, "Ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray and make your bed?" We are talking only about 35-45 seconds of bed making and a whole day of tranquil benefit. This is not a frivolous detail. Someone told me if you have a habit of a messy room, clean it up everyday for 21 days and you will have a new habit for life".

This is just a pet peeve of mine.....but I truly believe you can begin to have a house of order if you can only make your bed! Give it a try!


Turleyfam said...

I love it and totally agree!

Paula said...

My MOM taught me to never leave in the morning without making my bed! I have to admit that there are times that I just pull up the covers - but that's the one thing that drives me nuts - an unmade bed! ...and toothpaste spots on the mirror ...and dirty dishes in the sink ...and...oh, wait - that's more than one!