Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm almost 6.............

This is Tanner, the birthday boy. He'll be 6 on Friday. It's a tradition to have a birthday dinner and party at Grandma's house. We'll Tanner shares his birthday with Heather who's birthday is Sat., so she wanted meatloaf. Since she got to choose the dinner, Tanner gets to choose the games. He wants a fish pond. You know, the kind the have at the church parties. I guess I'll go to the dollar store and get some prizes and rig a fish pond and fishing pole up some how.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He wants some kind of Pokeman (Japanese ball kind of things that comes with cards). I don't get it, but the kids sure do. He also said he wanted "cool stuff". What kind of cool stuff, I asked. Oh Grandma, you know, like cool shirts and stuff". What kind of cool shirts, still not knowing what the heck he means. I said, you mean, like Tony Hawk? We'll yeah, but STAR WARS shirts are the coolest".

Then after the party, he's going to stay the night with Grandma and Pappa, just Tanner! Fun, fun, fun!! Can't wait!!

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