Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"R" you ready for some fun???????

I found this blog and they were playing a game where another blogger friend assigned her a letter and she had to come up with 10 things she loves beginning with that letter. I thought it sounded like fun so I thought I'd start this game on my blog too.

If you follow my blog and want to play, here's what you do. Leave me a "comment" that you want to play and I'll assign you a letter. You are to share with us 10 things you love... that begin with that letter. Then you play it forward and folks will in turn leave you a comment and you can assign them a letter and on and on....................Come on and play!

My letter is "R".........here are the things I love that begin with "R"

  1. Rylle......he's my first grandson. There will always be something special about Rylle to me
  2. Religion~My very life, everything I have and will ever have centers around my religion. Without it I would be wondering aimlessly around in circles wondering who I am and what my life is about.
  3. Recipes~I'm a much better cook when I have a recipe. I love to read recipe books, yep, from cover to cover
  4. Reality TV~I know, I hate to admit it but I love "Jon and Kate plus 8" "The Bachelor" "Dancing with the Stars" "American Idol"...I know, I'm shallow
  5. Relationships~I would be so sad without the relationships in my life with my family(my kids, grand kids and hubby), my friends and with my Heavenly Father
  6. Red~For decorating, for hair, for fashion, I love RED!
  7. Relatives~What would I be without my brothers and sister and my dad and my cousins and aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews. What sweet folks! Love you to bits!
  8. Relief Society~I've just recently been able to attend Relief Society again. When YW go into their classes I go to Relief Society. I love being able to go to RS
  9. Restaurants~Especially on a night I don't want to cook! Some of my favorites are Cheesecake Factory, Ned's Crazy Sub, Olive Garden, Nandos
  10. Reading~your blogs! I love blogging and all my blogging buddies. I have found and reconnected with folks I never would have believed I would be communicating with on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your life and blog with me!!


Roxy Dozier said...

I'm in for sure! Sign me up. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Paula said...

OK - count me in! You know I love these things!

Turleyfam said...

Rip-roarin, rowdy & really righteous! That's how much fun I had reading your R post. Count me in, I love fun. What's my letter.

Jeff and Jenny said...

Count me in, I want to play!!

Emma said...

I want to play!